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Apple offers free video and audio montage and editing software for 3 months

Are you a fan of montage? Or voiceover?
If you are a fan of montage, then Apple company offers you two programs for professional montage, and this is in order to learn the montage and try the two programs before purchasing the paid versions, it offers a program for editing audio, and a program for editing videos.


Apple launched the program Final Cut Pro X and the program Logic Pro X for free for 90 days, encouraging people to spend time indoors. This step came as a motivation for people not to take to the street (home stone), which is a contribution from the company.

Final Cut Pro X video editing software and Logic Pro X audio editing software are now available for free and trial for 90 days instead of 30 days as before.

The 3-month period is considered a sufficient and very long period to learn or take advantage of these giant programs offered by Apple for editing and editing video with the high capabilities it offers. After the trial period expires on those who are interested and who want to purchase a program, they pay $ 300 to keep the full version.

Also, the Logic Pro X audio editing application will also be available for free for 3 months for users and enjoy its strong capabilities in voice editing and modification, and this is the first time that the company has proposed a pilot. It is worth noting that to purchase the application in full after the trial period, its value will be $ 200. You can download Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X and enjoy the trial period from the following links:

Download the program Final Cut Pro X

Download the program Logic Pro X

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