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10 tips to keep your phone batteries as long as possible

Batteries are one of the basic components in any electronic device such as: computers, phones, smart computers, etc., and the problem of damage to phone batteries is a common problem, especially in smart devices, and this is the result of many reasons such as: frequent charging and others, and in this article we will mention methods of conservation For extended periods of time, tips when using batteries, and the most important signs of battery damage.


10 tips to conserve phone batteries for the longest time

  • It is possible to turn off the device when sleeping, go to an important job interview, or go to a remote area as this method is the best way to help extend battery life.
  • Not to use search signals when in a remote area, as this method contributes to consuming battery life, therefore it is preferable to turn it off, and to use a booster for the phone signal.
  • The battery is not completely discharged, as this can damage it.
  • The battery is not fully charged, especially if the battery is made of thylenium.
  • Do not use the vibrate feature, rather it is preferable to rely entirely on the ringing, as the vibrating feature helps to damage the battery.
  • Do not rely on the backlight on the phone, as this will consume battery power, but rather use other light sources when needed.
  • Not to prolong the talk time on the phone, rather it is preferable to reduce calls, in order to ensure that the battery life is kept as long as possible.
  • Lower screen surfaces as much as possible.
  • Not to use mobile wallpapers for the screen of the phone, as this leads to the discharge of batteries, rather it is preferable to use black backgrounds instead.
  • Not to use Bluetooth continuously, except in cases of necessity, because Bluetooth leads to battery damage and damage.

Directions for using batteries

  • Put the batteries in a cool place, not exposed to sunlight, preferably in the refrigerator, as this method helps to improve the quality of the batteries.
  • Use the appropriate charger for the batteries.
  • Cleaning the batteries continuously, with cotton sticks, as this method helps to get rid of dust and rust accumulated on the surface of the battery.
  • Do not use the cold battery, rather it is preferable to set it aside for sixty minutes, and then put it on the phone.

Signs of battery damage

  • The battery constantly heats up, especially when using the phone.
  • The time for using the phone decreases, especially after charging.
  • Bulge in battery size, shown by touching it.
  • The battery becomes stiff and hard, especially when pressed.
  • Difficulty rotating the battery.