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Here are 6 additions of Microsoft Word to improve your productivity while editing

We often use the Word Office program from Microsoft to edit and amend texts, but all that we do unusually is just text editing, while the program merges several advantages that can help you finish the editing process. In this post, my friend, my friend, we will share with you a set of additions that It will help you greatly in the editing process and will really spare you a lot ...


Word Add-ons help you improve your productivity on the go
Before you start offering add-ons, you should take note that Microsoft Office programs also allow their users to have an add-on store through which you can download add-ons, such as add-ons supported by the Chrome browser, and to access the Microsoft Office store, you only need to do the following:

  • Open a new Word file, and this is actually the first step, because most of the add-ons are downloaded from the built-in Word Office store.
  • Click Insert on the menu bar to open the Insert tab.
  • Next, click on Add-Ins, and then choose Get Add-In.
  • This option will take you to the add-on menu for the Office app in the Microsoft Store. From here, you can click on any extension to install it, by clicking on the Add button.

Here is a good issue, followed by a list of add-ons that you can use to increase your productivity. Better work on Word.

Excel-to-Word Document Automation
Here is the idea of ​​the addition that it enables you to link files or to transfer documents that have been modified on the Office Excel program with the Office Word program without requiring you to enter any intervention such as copying content from Excel tables and pasting them into the Word page, here the add keeps you away from two important issues and perhaps the most important To improve your productivity during the first work, you will dispense with the issue of copying and pasting, and here you will save you effort and the second that you will not be busy with adjusting the scale sizes, that is, the addition itself is programmed on this side, as the matter will not require any intervention from you.

Pixabay Images
The addition of Pixabay Images will be a more useful addition to those working to amend the texts attached to the images, i.e. the summary of this added addition will help you to search for suitable images for the document you are working on without requiring you to go to your browser, it was searched for a picture that is most appropriate, then you download the image and paste it into the document. ..This seems a bit tired and here the addition will play the role in summarizing all these steps in one step Search on the image and click on it to be placed directly on the document.

Consistency Checker
Regarding this addition, it will help you very efficiently in terms of correcting spelling errors related to the foreign language, i.e. with its help you will be able to modify your document without errors and this will actually be important especially if the document you are working on is a professional document here it will be more sensitive if it is full With spelling errors.

Indeed, the encyclopedia, which is an important source of information, as what this add-on with the same name of the encyclopedia will offer you is that it will enable you to open a side window through which you can open the Wikipedia encyclopedia platform within the Office Word window instead of opening the browser to open the encyclopedia page and this we can To consider it a positive point in improving productivity, exclusively.

Read My Document
Do you get tired of the issue of reading a document ... In this case you can use the addition of Read My Document, through which you can call the document a voice instead of reading it on its own, and indeed this will be a good thing especially if the document is long and needs to focus twice on the content That includes it.

Yes, dear, my dear, adding more than wonderful because it will help you in translating your documents into any language you like without resorting to google translator and then copying and pasting the text that you are looking for to translate, the addition works with the same technology and efficiency as Google translator and here you will find it the greatest help in improving your productivity Working on Office Word.