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How to delete blank rows in Microsoft Excel

You are using Microsoft Excel and encounter some blank fields. These fields may not look beautiful from the aesthetic point of view of the table you are working on, especially if you are creating an ordered table free of empty fields because you will need to scroll through a larger range of cells to move from the beginning of the table to the end. In this topic, we offer you a method on how to delete rows in Microsoft Excel.


What is Microsoft Excel?
Excel It is the program of electronic tables that allows storing a huge amount of data in tables and perform calculations and statistical analyzes on them and create graphs on them. To run this program, we follow the following steps:Run the program and Go to the start bar, and from the start menu, choose from Program's sidebar Microsoft Excel, and a preliminary worksheet appears that you can start with.

Steps to delete empty rows in Excel
In order to delete the rows in Microsoft Excel, there is a very easy way by which you can remove the empty rows from the Excel program table directly and get rid of them. Some of the program users use the filter and remove the blank cells, but the easiest solution is to get rid of these blank rows directly and automatically.

All you have to do is select the group of cells that have blank rows and then click on Find and Replace from the Home tab, then choose Go to Special from the program's drop-down menu, then add a tag next to the Blanks option and then click OK. This leaves all blank rows selected.

The next step is to click Delete on the Home tab, then choose and click Delete Sheet Rows and all blank rows will be deleted directly from the table you are working on.