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Important illustration for Google applications on Huawei phones

Huawei is still making great progress in the field of smart phones, and indeed the strategy that it puts on the market as it provides customers with high-quality phones manufacturing and appropriate wishing to make most users change their mind and choose Huawei phones as the strongest alternative, but what baffles everyone now is a point of change The phone, and in particular, coincides with the news that Huawei will become independent at its own start, meaning that you will not need any of the services that Google supports and that phone users are not used to.


And here in this article we will share with you the way in which you can deal with this decision taken by Huawei regarding that it will not support Google services applications on its upcoming phones.

Huawei phones will not support Google services in upcoming versions.
First of all, dear follower, Huawei phones are still running Android, even though they reported that they have a system that was developed and modified by it (Harmoney OS), but it is up to the hour limits that it did not use its system on phones like that was used on its smart devices The second is like smart home appliances that were developed by Huawei.

But the only dilemma is that the phones coming from Huawei will not find any of the services provided by Google and are intended services supported by Google on Android phones such as Google Map, Google Music, Google Play, Google Chrome and others, but in return you will find services available from Huawei provides the same services that Google provides to Android users.

will Huawei dispense and ban applications such as social media applications?
To be the answer that you, as a user of Huawei phone, can install and use the well-known social media applications circulating on your phone as Facebook or Instagrame or others without any problems or restrictions ... only the issue is related to Google services applications

where can you get the applications if the Google Play application is canceled?
Here, dear , as I mentioned earlier in the paragraph mentioned that in the upcoming updates from Huawei and also with regard to phones that have been put on the market recently, it is normal that you do not find Google services applications, especially the Google Play application, which is the window through which the phone applications are installed To be the strong solution provided by Huawei itself is that you can install applications through the Huawei store known as the App Gallery store also contains the same applications the same applications available on the Google Play platform i.e. through which you can download and install all the applications you want, including games. ..

Not only that, and you can also get applications from stores other than the AppGallery store. For example, we find a platform or to move the ApkPure app store, which is rich in Android phone applications.


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