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Strong features you find on Android phones, and you will not find it on iPhone phones

What we know about Android devices is that they occupy the largest percentage in the world in terms of the number of users unlike devices supporting IOS and here we mean Apple devices and this is due to several reasons and we will try to address them in this post.

Features on Android devices are not available on IOS devices


Hardware diversity
Yes, my dear, Android devices are experiencing a variety of types of devices, i.e. multiple companies, and here you will share my opinion that all companies other than Apple are supporting the Android system on their phones, which leads to this diversity in devices, as well as the beautiful devices that are running Android system not only at the level Multiplicity, but at a level that reaches the difference between devices, which makes you, as a user, acquire the type of device that you want according to the features that you want. For example, you want a device with attractive specifications in terms of shape, in return, you will find the company that is best for you, or you are looking for a device that is strong in performance also you will find The most appropriate company that It will take you away from this aspect, and also, if you want du, strong features in terms of the camera, as well as an example, you will find the company that best suits this aspect that you looked for.

Competition and price
Through the previous paragraph you will see that the diversity of devices means the diversity of companies, which means competition in offers in order for the company to receive a large number of sales at the level of its phones, and this will take us directly to the conclusion that the manufacturers of phones resort to keeping pace with the market with the support of many appropriate advantages with par with appropriate insurance in order to Her phone is popular with the chip, and this is also a factor that tends to tip Android devices, whereby its user remains an option in choosing the most suitable device for it, in contrast to the good price, unlike iPhone devices, devices remain from one company, and this means that there is no competition.

Connecting with computers
A nice and unique point for all Android devices is that they have the ability to be connected to computers or any other device and with any type of cable unlike iPhone devices, you can not connect them with the computer to hardship by providing it with some programs that enable you to access iPhone files and more It is that there must be a specific type of cable to connect the iPhone with the computer and this point is really more troublesome, and despite the availability of the appropriate cable to connect the iPhone with the computer and there must be some settings and here the cuff tends to Android devices as it is not characterized by all these complications Just what you can do is connect the phone to Asub and here you find the middle mouse button folders and files located in your phone

External memory
Here in coordination with the previous paragraph, you will agree with me that Android devices support the technology to add external memory to the phone, which is a very good feature, especially if you have storage space that you do not find sufficient and also you can extend the space according to the area of ​​the chip that you find most appropriate ... but iPhone phones Unfortunately, this feature is not integrated with its phones, that is, if you buy a phone with a capacity of 128 Gb in the event that you are full then you have to empty or delete data to free up space.

Amendment on the phone
Actually, if you have an Android device, it will be easy for you to modify it according to what suits you and what is appropriate for your personality, that is, you can amend the appearance of your phone, by changing the shape of icons and accessories, and you can also add software with ease that makes it easy for you to change the look of your phone to make it Different ... and this you will not find on iPhone phones, as at this point they are all similar and you can only change some minor things, such as changing the background, for example.

Change default apps
All phones support applications that are installed by default. For example, we find the camera application, the messaging application, and the calls application, while all these applications are in any way they are at your disposal on Android devices as you can change and replace them with other applications with the same tasks as you find comfortable That is, if you do not like the messaging app built into the phone, you can replace it with one that has many advantages ... But this point is not supported by iPhone devices at all.