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To convert your smartphone into a webcam you have to take a few tips to help you with that

A lot of providing online lessons or providing educational content, and this requires photography equipment that is good, but what may happen to the majority is that if you look around the quality of the camera it finds it poor quality and not suitable for recording here, he will have to purchase a new camera, but what if You did not find it in the shops or you did not have experience in the field of cameras, here you can only convert your phone's camera to an external camera for the computer, but it will require you some points that must be taken, and in this post we will share with you important points that help you in that.

Tips for converting a phone camera to a webcam help you work remotely


Using an application to convert the phone into a webcam
There are many applications that provide the feature of converting a smartphone from a phone for regular use such as browsing and chatting to a phone with Web camera features to capture videos just as it is with the web camera that is integrated with the computer, and at this point we find many applications that provide this feature, for example we find On Android systems, the DroidCam application, which is one of the most powerful applications that convert a phone's camera into a web camera, and on the IOS system we find iCam ... and each of these applications works in the same context where you only need to download them on the private phone You and install the programs that will be linked to it Disassemble the computer and the programs are provided by the applications themselves so that you can access and use the camera and the point that must be observed is if you have an idea for a similar application for this service you must preview the quality of the application and also the way that the phone is connected to the computer to use the camera is through cable Connects the two or via WIFI.

Use the back camera to shoot
This only remains a suggestion, but in the event that you have a phone with a weak selfie camera here, the solution remains for you to use the back camera phone because it is characterized by high quality and high resolution, which will enable you to shoot your videos in good quality.

Telephone installation
Indeed, dear follower, the issue of installing the phone is an important issue, as you can install the phone either by using the fastest installation or by using a datum even in order not to budge during the filming and also to avoid the phone falling in case you are photographing in a direct location to the surface of the earth Ed, possibly if the phone fell may result in some Technical glitches such as screen damage.

Proper lighting
Even if you have a high-quality camera here, the issue of appropriate lighting will put the difference in the quality of filming the clip, especially if you are in a spot of de-paced lighting to zero, and also the lighting will help you appear with a bright and open view and this is what you like, only an important point is that You don't have to have professional equipment to create good lighting just with simple and inexpensive tools you can do that.

Use an external microphone
The issue of sound quality while shooting is also a point that should not be overlooked because the clearer the sound for the recipient, the more clearly the idea will reach it ... How is that? The issue is simple, so we take you to enjoy some calmness while listening to a music clip. If you hear an external noise here and automatically, you will stop the clip until you address the issue of noise, meaning that you could not focus and the noise around you, meaning that the noise is one of the biggest distractions of focus, and this It applies if you are using a poor quality microphone. Some distraction sounds.