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Here are the most important steps to be able to stop annoying notifications on your Chrome browser

Pop-up notifications are very important because they bring you an alert of everything new, whether it is related to one of the sites you follow and you are interested in its new or in the event that you received a message in your email thanks to the notification feature you will be able to read it at an earlier time and many other benefits, but what is annoying is the type of notifications That carries advertisements and this happens in case you enter one of the sites that promote advertisements until it is rude to what is embarrassing and this is due to the fact that the site will not provide you with a service until you do the compulsory notifications feature after which you can get the site service, and here in this post We will put in your hands the steps Complete so that you can control notifications on your Chrome browser.


How to turn off or turn on all site notifications
Here, dear, you just need to follow the following steps point by point ... and the first thing that you have to do after opening the browser is to pass the mouse arrow on the three points centered on the right corner of the browser followed by a second click on the settings section or copy the attached link aside "chrome://settings/" on your Chrome browser to access the settings page directly.

After completing the first stage, a page will be generated for you on the browser, which is the page for everything related to the settings of your private browser, but what we care about is that you go to the notification control section, and here you will have to search the list of sections on the Privacy and Security section, click on it.

Here you will see the side window that a lot of branches pop up with it. In this case, choose the Site Settings branch, which will enable you to access the list of default additions related to the sites from which you can isolate any property and modify its powers according to what you find most appropriate for you ... but in our case We just content ourselves with the pop-up menu on the notifications heading with the bell icon, which will enable us to access everything related to site notifications.

After you find the Notifications section and click on it here, you will go to the next window with a long list of sites and if you look closely, the list itself is divided into two parts, the first is the part of the sites that you stopped ads on and that when you accessed one of the web pages a message appeared Soon I clicked Block instead of the Allow button ...

Also, and an example, if the wheel is rolled, you will find below the list of sites in the section on sites that are allowed to display notifications, and here through the settings points that are in front of each link line site you can modify the permissions and block notifications.