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Learn about applications available in the Windows Store, you will enjoy its experience, and it will surely save you a lot

Have you ever tried the Windows 10 App Store? Perhaps you have not previously. This is really due to the control of the phone, but it should be noted that the Windows 10 App Store will not be as popular as the Play Store and App Store, but we will not deny It fulfills and covers a lot about you, the other (Windows Store) includes a lot of categories of applications, including free and paid and the most beautiful, it is very similar to the application stores in terms of the way you download the first time you have to open an account, the issue is very easy because it requires you only to make Some steps, as is the case with a Gmail account, after which you can enjoy downloading all available applications and games Convenience ... As for the following from the blogging, my friend, my friend, we will share with you one of the most beautiful applications available on the Windows Store, which you will like and prefer that you try it to express your opinion on it, and if this is your first visit to the Windows store, you will have a look to control Do you really sing for many or not.


PcMover application
If you have the idea of ​​transferring files from one computer to a computer but find the size of the files large, which requires you to spend more time transferring them via USB, then why not transfer them via the home WiFi network, and perhaps this last suggestion poses a hindrance to you finding complications regarding the transfer of files Via the network ... Here you will find the most powerful solution that finds you from this issue is the experience of applying the PcMover version of the computer, the application will not require you except to download it and sell it on each of the computers that you want to transfer files between using the home WiFi network and the rest I leave it to the application, Where the latter will automatically after your approval to build a link The files in the network are easy for you to then access the shared files and transfer them with ease, and if it comes to the Wifi network, their transfer will be smooth and faster.
Just an important note if you are working with a common home router, try to do the transfer during the rest time, and the best timing is timing when neither you nor family members are in contact with the router to connect to the Internet, in order for the transfer process to happen faster and also so that you do not encounter you Cramps while using the Internet.

Dell Mobile Connect app
Are you still looking for a program to connect your smartphone and your Windows 10 computer wirelessly only, once the ethnicity is connected to the same home network, you can control the entire likeness of the phone ... perhaps your most appropriate choice and what you would like you will find in the Dell Mobile app the last application will enable you to do what you want Of phone calls and also with the ability to send and receive text messages, and the nice thing is to review notifications and this will find it most appropriate for you if your phone is far from your workplace on the computer, i.e. a summary that will control your phone remotely, all of this is available with the Dell Mobile Connect application, so that the great feature remains And that will make you feel free to try the app e I provide "Mirroring" technology, which is a technology through which you can show the screen of your smartphone on the computer, and the control is through the mouse that is integrated with the computer without the need to touch the phone, i.e. you will have the ability to browse all of the applications installed on the phone from your computer ... All of this will only require you to install the Dell Mobile Connect app on your smartphone, since both the application version can be found in the Google Play Store and the App Store.

Nitro Office application
Do you find the Microsoft Office version of desktop software a heavy weight version that requires a lot of you to download and install, here is the most appropriate alternative ... Nitro Office application is a light alternative to Microsoft Office programs but as a note everyone knows that desktop software provided by Microsoft is the first In terms of quality and the ability to modify and create documents professionally, as for the Nitro Office application only is an alternative to meet the need it allows you to create and open all of the documents that were created on both Word, Excel and PowerPoint and also has the ability to read the content of documents Created by Google's cloud services, we mean It has Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides, and this is unique, as it will prevent you from installing programs to read PDF documents.

FilmForth - Movie Maker
As for montage and making short films, you do not have a better and lighter alternative that includes what is essential to the work of montage ... FilmForth application is a class of applications or for transferring specialized software in montage and modification of clips, the application as previously and hinting to him that it includes the basic tools that you will need You as a beginner or as a professional in the necessary situations if you are far from your studio, where we find the tools for cutting and merging clips, as well as tools for adjusting sound and controlling effects, and tools for installing external clips and the beautiful thing in the application is that the final video can be produced in many formats including formats "webp, mp4, wmw, avi, webm, 3gp"