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4 features available on IOS 14, liked by Android users

After the official announcement of the operating system of IOS 14, many lights that attracted the attention of iPhone users came to light, and the response was positive, but what was circulated after the system experience is that some of its features and improvements in the latest update were originally available on the Android system. That is, IOS 14 is based on quotes for features that were the forerunners of Android, but other than that in this post we will share with you features that have been integrated into the IOS 14 system and are also always liked by the owners of Android devices and they hope it will be a beautiful thing if it is combined with the upcoming Android versions.

Features in IOS 14 impressed by Android chip


Improved capabilities of Widget tools

Widget tools and as we know it has been supported for some time on Android versions, but what Apple provided on its new system was a technical imprint on the widget tools as it became more professional. Also, the widget tools currently available on the IOS 14 system provide a lot to the phone user, and also what makes this improvement that the Widget tools have received on IOS 14 systems is highly appreciated is that a special store for the mini tools has been supported from which you can download any widget received Your interest and suit your needs ... It would be a good thing if the developers of the next version of Android work to improve this point.

Perform small tasks by simply clicking on the back of the phone

A feature that surprised users of IOS systems, which is called Back tap technology. In summary, this feature enables you to perform some simple tasks such as taking a picture of the phone screen or locking the phone or returning it to silent mode and many by clicking for consecutive times on the back of the phone and then the matter is easily exhausted. Indeed, many users have found that this feature is one of the surprises of IOS 14 and it will be better if this feature is combined with the upcoming Android version, surely it will appeal to the Android class users, and also the feature will suit the next generation of phones.

Picture Technology

Picture in Picture is one of the technologies that came with the aim of solving many obstacles while using the phone, to make it easier for the user to enjoy watching video clips with an area of ​​one part of the phone screen and at the same time he can work on the phone and how he can browse the internet, the feature has been modified professionally With the new release of IOS 14, the picture in Picture feature level moved from a standard, rolling level to a level that includes unique advantages of what it was, including playing video in the background and listening to audio only once the video rectangle is shifted to one of the edges of the phone. And this feature is one of the advantages that Android users want in the next version.

Use the phone as a car key

We are still talking about Apple's surprise to the iPhone user audience as a technology was developed and integrated with the release of IOS 14 that enables the user to use the phone as a vehicle control device to implement some features remotely such as playing music or setting the condition of the car and so on, and this has already been impressed and appreciated by users , As for the Android chip, it is the other that was impressed by the move that Apple offered to its users, and this is evidence that it will be something special if this technology is combined with the next Android version, it will be something special.All the iOS 14 featurescoming to iPhoAndroia 14 vs Android: fees tone bVerg iOS 14 fhat Apple copied from Android 

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