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Applications that help you track your children's activities on the phone

Perhaps the father or guardian has many obligations that make him preoccupied with family members, especially children, but the issue of keeping your eyes on all the moves that they make is very important to be close to your children and for this we will participate in this post with applications that will help you On monitoring children while you are busy or away from them.


Control applications for children

The applications that will be shared are only suggestions from the blog crew in the event that you can use other applications that offer similar or stronger functions than the application functions shown in the list below, it is also important that you have one of these applications so that you are aware of what the child is doing while using the phone or Its smart electronic scoreboard.

Google Family Link app

If you are looking for an application that gives you complete control and access to the child's phone, you will find the best option is the Google Family Link application, as this application is considered one of the most popular parental control applications, and it contains many features that help you monitor your child, and among the features included in Application: The ability to see all the applications the child uses, know his geographical location, see the habits of his use of the phone and control the times of using the phone, control the lock screen, and grant permission to purchase games or applications from the application store. The app is available for Android devices users, the Google Play store bug, and for iPhone and iPad users on the App Store

Safe Lagoon app

Also the next application Safe Lagoon application is the other has features that make you control your child's phone as the application allows you to control the time period in which the child uses applications and games, and to prohibit the download of any applications without your permission, and know his geographical location, the application also uses artificial intelligence to monitor text messages, and to prohibit Unwanted contact numbers which is very good. Also, you can put the laws of contacting the Internet so that you can prevent your children from entering inappropriate sites, and protect them from potential risks that they might be exposed to through the Internet, such as: cyberbullying, and inappropriate correspondence. The app is freely available for Android users on Google Play, and for iPhone and iPad users on the App Store

ESET application

As for if you are looking for an application that specializes in protecting the child from the Internet with advanced features and functions in this case ESET will be your appropriate application for what you are looking for as this application is one of the best parental control applications that you can use to protect the child while using the Internet, to let you know the sites he visits Constantly block inappropriate content and phishing websites automatically, know which apps the child frequently uses, and the times they use them.

In addition to other features, such as: setting the maximum time to use any application during the day, or preventing access to certain applications during study time, supervising the applications your child uses without blocking access to them, and agreeing to open a website or application if the child sends you a request With that.

The app is freely available for Android device users on the Google Play Store