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Important information about fast charging for iPhone and iPad devices

Phone users search for the most effective solution that enables them to decipher the problem of slow charging of the phone battery to find the most effective option is to use high-watt charging adapters to charge the phone within minutes, but the matter is not what you envision as the issue requires you to see some information, and in the following From the post we will share information with you regarding the rapid charging of Apple smart devices.


Fast charging for iPhone and iPad devices

As already mentioned, many users who are tired of the inconvenience of slow charging phones by means of charging their devices, specifically iPhone and iPad devices quickly to find the appropriate solution is reflected in the use of a fast charging adapter, but the matter depends on the issue that specific devices have been included in the list of Apple devices You can use the Quick Charger to find the list below the iPhone and iPad devices that can use the Quick Charger.

List of iPhone and iPad devices that support fast charging:

  •  iPhone SE 2020
  •  iPhone 11 Pro Max
  •  iPhone 11 Pro
  •  iPhone 11
  •  iPhone Xs Max
  •  iPhone Xs
  •  iPhone XR
  •  iPhone X
  •  iPhone 8 Plus
  •  iPhone 8
  •  iPad Pro 12.9-inch (1st generation and later).
  •  iPad Pro 11-inch (1st generation and later).
  •  iPro 10.5-inch
  •  iPad Air (3rd generation).
  •  iPad mini (5th generation).

18W or more fast charger:
The first and most used way to charge your device quickly is to use a powerful charger, where Apple says that the user can charge iPhone batteries compatible with fast charging technology to more than 50% in a time not exceeding 30 minutes, knowing that fast charging technology requires the availability of some conditions and They are as follows:
  • IPhone (USB-C) Cable.
  • USB-C cable for iPad Pro.
  • An 18, 29, 30, 61, 87, or 96-watt adapter supplied by Apple, or fast chargers from powerful second companies except that the charger is from Apple.

A little note: We find that Apple is attaching the iPhone 11 pro and iPhone 11 pro max, and the newly released iPad devices have an 18W adapter ... Unlike the iPhone 11 and iPhone SE 2020, both come with a 5W adapter.

Will a power adapter fit to 29, 30, 61, 87, 96 watts charge the iPhone faster than the 18 watt charger?

The question has been circulated in many groups and pages of social networking sites, and the answer is that even if you use a high-capacity charger, the input port on the phone is the one that determines the maximum power of the charge, that is, depending on the capacity of its absorption, this means that even if you can use a charger At 87W, the iPhone will charge at approximately 18W.

Should I buy an 18-watt charger or higher?

The whole issue is due to your purchasing power, but in case you have a MacBook or iPad in addition to an iPhone in this case, search for an adapter that allows you to charge the three devices without the need to purchase an adapter for each device and as stated in the previous question that even if it was 96W adapter, the phone will charge 18W. This issue will save you money by buying one powerful adapter that the three devices use. As for if you own an iPhone alone, it is a good idea to have a good 30W adapter, and this covers you most needs in case you need to charge a second device.

Does the high capacity charger affect the iPhone?

It is normal to worry about the charger that has a power of 61 watts or 96 watts, but the iPhone determines the amount of power it consumes and not the charging adapter itself and this has already been mentioned, as the issue is related to the charging port that determines the power that consumes it, so you will not find a problem If you use an iPad or MacBook charger to charge your iPhone.

How can I check the wattage of my Apple charger?

You will find most of the information related to charging power at the bottom of the adapter when it is necessary to see it before use.

You will find the charger power is a number enclosed by the letter W, which has an abbreviation of W in Latin.

Some general advice to speed up charging any iPhone or iPad
Disabling your connection to the Internet via the phone data feature or Wi-Fi network and you can disable the Bluetooth service and the location service so that the aforementioned does not consume your internet package but also a large amount of energy, as it is operated even when your device is locked or in sleep mode, and is represented One way to get more battery life is to disable these options when charging.

You have a power adapter equipped with a certified cable and a classic charger instead of wireless charging, as we know that wireless charging is comfortable but slow compared to the classic charger, as it raises the temperature of the device significantly, so if you have less time and want to charge your phone more quickly, be sure to use A suitable cable and adapter instead of relying on wireless charging.

Locking and quitting applications and applications that run in the background I have would be nice not to let applications run in the background, so quit applications that are running before charging the phone.

Do not use the phone while charging when trying to avoid using the iPhone while charging, as this will reduce the charging time significantly and this will significantly increase the phone's temperature.