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learn more about the reading mode available on the edge browser

The Microsoft Edge browser now provides the user with many auxiliary functions while browsing, and one of the most useful functions that helps owners of reading and reading content is the browser's integrated reading mode function, which converts the page content into clear text free of all distractions.


Reading mode
In many cases, the internet user wants to take a reading by reading one of the wrapping paragraphs or the like, and this is considered a kind of entertainment, but what it finds is an obstacle is some advertising dispersal and also some other difficulties such as the difference in font sizes and the background colors that tire the eye ... But what Microsoft Edge Browser came up with is one of the effective solutions that will help you from taking a very good reading experience, as the developers of this situation have strived for the user to get all the useful features while reading, and in the following we will provide you with all these advantages.

Convert web page content into readable text
Clearly this is the crux of the topic, you only need to go to the site you want to view the content on on the Microsoft Edge browser and once you select the page that you want to view you will have to click on one of the icons that will appear in the link bar at the top of the browser, for example in the image below one of the articles from a blog Foreign technology as usual.

And if the reading mode is activated, the web page will turn into a page with clearly readable text as shown in the image below

Grammar Tools
One of the available additions in reading mode is the Grammar Tools tool that enables you to know the content of the sentence regarding names and verbs and this will help you a lot if you develop your language skill and as shown in the picture you can activate the Grammar Tools options and the result is changing the colors of the words listed in the article text as a guide On the origin of the word.

Reading tracker - Reading Preferences
The next tool is one of the aids that will help you to follow the lines of the article and this will help you to know which line you have read so that you do not get distracted ... When you activate the tool you will find three options, the first selects one line and the second it selects three lines at once, And the last option defines a paragraph with five lines.

Text Preferences
One of the most beautiful tools available on the reading mode is the Text Preferences tool, through which you will be able to change the font size according to the most appropriate comfort, as the text size bar allows you to adjust the font size, whether it is reduced or enlarged, and this will make you comfortable reading. Also, one of the beautiful features is the ability to change the background of any color that you find suitable according to your convenience, and this is through the use of Page Themes to change the page backgrounds. You will also find many available backgrounds after clicking on the More Themes button.

Read aloud
The latter will make it easier for you to read the content of the text, and that by listening to the text instead of reading it, and this is something that will facilitate you to read and so will develop your ability to listen as well. This tool will help many people who find it difficult to read public places, and also the look is weak.