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Play Store: here is the first application to reach 10 billion downloads

A first application available on the Google Play Store has reached 10 billion downloads. Unsurprisingly, this is Google Play Services, the default integrated application that handles updates for all Google applications and those in the Play Store.


play store application 10 billion downloads

A new download record has been reached on the Play Store! For the first time in its history, an application has finally reached the symbolic threshold of 10 billion downloads. This record is obviously held by Google Play Services, the essential application for Android smartphones equipped with Google Mobile Services. Since July 29th, the counter on the Play Store page dedicated to the application displays "10,000,000,000+". Other Google applications, such as Gmail, should follow suit in the coming weeks.

Google Play Services: 10 billion users in 8 years

As a reminder, the application had already reached 5 billion downloads during the month of July 2017. In only 3 years, the number of users has therefore doubled. However, it should be remembered that most Android users do not need to manually download Google Play Services. For most, the application is integrated by default into their Android device.

Launched in 2012, Google Play Services allows you to automatically perform basic tasks such as authenticating to services, syncing contacts, storing your settings, or managing your smartphone's location service. The application also allows your smartphone to quickly process requests even when you're offline.

Most importantly, Google Play Services manages all application updates on your Android smartphone in the background. In concrete terms, the service is always looking for new versions of the APK on your device. To work, the application therefore requires a large number of permissions and also consumes a lot of battery power. However, it is essential for the normal operation of your Android smartphone. Unlike the other applications on your phone, it is not visible in the application drawer. Google Play Services is only accessible in the settings of your Android device.