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Program to edit a PDF file with great additional features

The Raqami Blog is also accustomed to providing you with programs of great benefit to each computer user, and this time we will highlight a specialized program in the field of PDF format. Many users convert the written files to the PDF format so that the latter has many advantages such as maintaining the quality of the file and how to prevent modification of it. In the following from the post we will share with you a small program that includes many tools that you will like.

PDF modification program

PDF Réducteur program from Jsoft software group that does not exceed the size of 27MB includes many free and distinct tools, and also nice that the program has a very simple user interface that is easy for everyone to deal with ...


A tool to reduce the size of a PDF file

You may want to share a PDF with friends, but what makes it difficult is that the file itself is large in size, in which case you will have to try a PDF file size compression tool from the original size to a smaller size depending on what you find appropriate. But it should be noted that it is normal that the larger the size of the compression ratio, the more you get a poor-quality PDF file. You will have to specify the size-reduction ratio, and you should consider the issue of file quality.

A tool to merge multiple PDF files into one PDF

Also, many users find it difficult to share many PDF files individually, but with this small program it will save you the trouble of sharing many PDF files separately with the ability to combine all files with one PDF file to facilitate sharing.

PDF file splitter tool

We may find the previous tool merges many PDF files with one PDF file. The nice thing also is that it allows you to split or split one PDF file into several files and this will help you a lot if you want to share a few pages of the file instead of sharing it completely.

A tool to delete a few pages from the PDF

Also, one of the tools included in the program is a tool that enables you to delete pages from the PDF file in an easy and smooth way without resorting to converting the PDF file to a Doc file that has been modified, after which you reassemble the file that you modified on to the PDF format ... the program It will save you all the trouble.

Pagination Tool

This will also help you to rearrange the pages according to what you find suitable for your needs, and this will save you effort and trouble. Besides this tool, we find it provides you with the ability to rotate the page from the horizontal to the vertical position.

A tool for watermarking PDF pages

One of the important things that makes your PDF content be attributed to you is to place a mark indicating that you own the file after publishing it or sharing it, for this the program will help you to place a watermark on the pages of the file in order to guarantee your ownership rights.

PDF file lock tool

The program gives you the ability to lock the PDF file with a password and the feature gives you two options, the first is setting a password to read the content and the second setting a password for modifying the content and this is a good thing about maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of the file content.

You can download the program and read more about it by visiting the official website through the following link