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"Oppo" officially unveils its new watch. And these are its advantages.

Oppo has officially unveiled its second smartwatch, which it called Oppo Watch, months after the original release, which was launched in China in March.


The new Oppo is a replica of the Apple Watch, but the Chinese company is running the watch with a modified version of Wear OS instead of android software on its original version.

However, theye are no details about its availability in the US yet, and the watch is likely to go on sale in India first and then be released in the UK and many other countries later.

The watch will be available in three models: a 41mm WiFi version, 46mm with WiFi and 46mm LTE in the UK, and the WiFi version is expected to sell for $300 and LTE for $431.

Although it is very similar to the Apple Watch, the Oppo comes in a larger size and double curved edges that the company describes as flexible AMOLED, but the 41mm model will be flat.

The smaller version of the watch has a 300A-hour battery that runs for up to 24 hours of continuous use and 14 days in power-saving mode.

The larger watch will also have a 430A-hour battery with an estimated 36-hour operating time for the WiFi model, and the LTE model will surely bring a larger battery.

The watch has basic features such as time-showing, calculating the steps of its users while running on low power, as well as new features such as notifications and heart rate tracking in energy-saving mode, making it more useful.

The watch is also equipped with a Hey Tap Health app that follows health metrics better than a regular Wear OS watch, for example, the user will enjoy short instructional videos for exercises and training sessions, as well as sleep tracking and water resistance.