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new Ratio launcher that will change the look of the phone completely

Many launcher applications are available in the Google Play Store, each launcher has its own shape and has the additions that it adds to the system to facilitate the use of the phone. 

The Ratio app is a new launcher available for Android devices and its developers say that it is not just a launcher, but rather it has been prepared to visualize the basic functions of the phone to quickly access it, as well as the unique design of Noha, which will distinguish it from the rest of the launchers available for Android.

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Features of the Ratio launcher Android application

Launcher Ratio aims to reduce your phone usage by reducing distractions, making you get done faster and use your phone less. 

The launcher uses a completely monochrome design, which will give a different touch from what is provided by the rest of the applications available.


Mimportantly of all, the launcher automatically and intelligently classifies your applications. 

For example, relevant applications are displayed for every moment of your day.

The features of the Ratio launcher do not stop here, as there is a "cards" feature that will provide cards for the calendar, news, notes, weather, calculator ... etc, and everything in the launcher supports customization, and you also have full support for the dark theme. 

The launcher provides the unique Bllocdesk feature, which is a desktop version that enables you to access your smartphone remotely on the same WiFi network to transfer files with ease.

As for privacy, the Ratio Launcher is data processing inside the device and there is no cloud-based processing, not even on third-party services, while giving you complete control over the data, all of which is based on 256-bit RSA-based encryption. 

Finally, the launcher is freely available on the Google Store and available for download from the following link:

Ratio launcher download link