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Sunshine Contacts app to manage phone contacts using artificial intelligence

Yahoo is back in the limelight, this time by launching a new application called Sunshine Contacts to manage contacts for iOS devices based on artificial intelligence. The new application has recently been launched and is considered the most advanced and intuitive contact manager in the world.

What is the Sunshine Contacts app?

Sunshine Contacts app

Sunshine Contacts application for managing phone contacts aims to unify contacts and integrates with a contacts application for iOS devices in addition to Gmail and has the ability to pull your data from these sources and merge it with publicly available information, and it helps you organize contacts, clean them and delete duplicates from them.

Sunshine Contacts offers precise contact sharing settings that allow users to share specific personal information with close friends. The application is available for free, but it comes with add-ons that need to be paid for, and the application provides synchronization of information and contacts and integrates with the contacts application installed on the phone. The application is available for iOS users.

Sunshine Contacts automatically organizes and improves your iPhone contacts and enables sharing information in a smart, efficient way.

Great contacts are life changing. Get contacts of new friends, up-to-date contact info from family members, and birthday reminders, so you can stay in touch with the people who matter most in your life. Here is what Sunshine Contacts can do for your address book:

Comprehensive Contacts: 

Spend less time searching for people’s contacts. Sunshine Contacts pulls together your comprehensive set of personal and professional contacts from all the places you currently have them. Then, Sunshine Contacts syncs your contacts back to your phone, so your contacts are ready where you need them, when you need them.

Stay Organized: 

Reduce clutter, save time, and avoid embarrassing mistakes. Sunshine Contacts removes duplication and cleans up your contacts.

Enrich Your Contacts: 

Gathering info from an unprecedented number of sources, Sunshine Contacts can improve your contacts by adding the latest career info and LinkedIn profile, the physical addresses from the signature of an email you received, whether or not a phone number is textable, and more.

Smart Sharing: 

Sunshine Contacts makes it easy to exchange contact info. Choose what to share and with who, including people nearby in just a few taps. Plus, we remind you to share with Sunshine Contacts users you know who are missing your info.

Keep in Touch: 

Keep up with job changes, moves, new phone numbers, and email addresses with automatic contact updates.

can be downloaded from the following link: Sunshine Contacts app download link