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PickU app is a powerful and comprehensive photo editor for Android

 In many cases, we need an application to modify images by phone, so we find many applications in the Google Play Store, today I offer you a professional PickU application to modify images by phone.

Do you know PickU application? Well here I am giving you information about PickU photo editing app!

PickU app for photo editor for Android

What is PickU application?

PickU application is one of the distinctive applications for Android that provides tools for cutting, editing pictures and creating stickers, the application allows you to cut pictures as well as make stickers that you can paste on distinct backgrounds and shapes.

With PickU, you can create fun and unique photos in a matter of seconds and share them with your friends and family with simple simple taps.

PickU has a fully integrated editor that allows you to crop any part of the images you want, so you will only leave the shots you like and thanks to this crop feature, you can crop or change the backgrounds of the images through an easy and simple process.

PickU offers a large number of wallpapers that you can use for free. All you have to do is swipe your finger and browse the wallpapers folder. To choose any of the backgrounds, click on it to choose it and start the editing process. You can also open the photo gallery and import any pictures to work on.

With PickU you will be able to enter all the effects you want to get the perfect result that you seek from the images edited in the application and you will have dozens of filters and effects in addition to that you can add stickers to change the appearance and enjoy the thousands of possibilities you find at your fingertips, all thanks to the editing tool The amazing images you will get from the application.

The PickU app is freely available and you can download it from the following link