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Top 3 Signal Chat App Features - WhatsApp Alternative

After the emergence of many problems related to the WhatsApp messaging application in the recent period, especially with regard to updating the privacy policy of the application, which users of the application consider a violation of their privacy conditions, as they must agree to share their information with the Facebook application in order to continue using the application.

That is why users began to search for a new application as an alternative to the WhatsApp chat application. A new application called "Signal" was famous, which we previously talked about in a previous topic, which you can view:

WhatsApp chat application

Signal is considered one of the best new messaging applications in the world and the best encryption and preservation of users' data and privacy, so here are the 3 most important features offered by the Signal messaging application:

Hide and destroy messages

Self-destructing messages or hidden messages are essential for all messaging applications, and Signal has this feature, which is what makes it hide the sent messages after the recipient reads them. To send self-hidden messages, open a conversation within the Signal app and tap the three dots icon. From the list that will appear for you the option to hide "Disappearing Messages", choose it and then set the time for these messages.

Blurring or blurring the faces

 Users can blur people's faces in photos to preserve privacy. This feature is only available in the Signal application for the current period, where when you send any image, you can create a face blur only, select the Blur Face option, which will make you send images safely.

Prevent taking a screenshot

Signal also has an important feature which is blocking screenshots. You have an option that allows you to prevent users from taking a screenshot of the conversation between you. So that no one can collect information about you via screenshots without your consent. To activate this feature, click on the three dots and go to the settings, then choose "privacy" and activate the "screen security" feature.

To download the Signal app, click here