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Share Karo for transfer files and applications

Share Karo application is a new application coming to the Google Play Store and it is considered the best alternative to the Xender application, the application's function is to transfer files from one phone to another phone without the need for an Internet connection, just choose videos, pictures, music, files and applications to help you transfer them to the Sendkaro application.

Share Karo  for transfer filesłłł and applications

The most important feature of this file transfer application is the ability to send large files without restrictions and share them with others, in addition to that, you can get files in any format such as "contacts, applications, pictures, music, documents, etc." from the files and formats supported by the application.

The most important features of the Share Karo application are to transfer any of the files, you will not need the Internet, but you will need a WiFi network to share and transfer files. The additional features are that you can measure the speed and change the network base and also you will have an easy and simple interface to use. Finally, Share Karo is available for free for Android

Some  features of the Share Karo application

Share any files freely

  • Share files swiftly with Multiple Devices
  • Resume and reconnect your interrupted sharing file
  • Clean, lite, easy to use and share documents and media
  • Easily roam your data from an old device to a new one
  • Drop share option to transfer the file.

Super Fast Speed

  • Ultra-speed file transfer
  • Trouble free applications and massive folders sharing
  • Share pictures, music, and videos in seconds!
  • Quick backup of Files and app share.

No Internet required

  • Offline data sharing effortlessly
  • Connect the Receiver via hotspot
  • Share large files, pictures, or apps by simply scanning QR code
  • Secure transfer with no fear of data leak
  • Easy for file transfer.