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Atlas VPN Best vpn application
Mohamed king 13 April 2021
 Atlas VPN is the free VPN proxy application that provides private browsing by changing the IP address and encrypting the connection. Use ou...
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PickU app is a powerful and comprehensive photo editor for Android
 In many cases, we need an application to modify images by phone , so we find many applications in the Google Play Store, today I offer you ...
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Share Karo  for transfer files and applications
Share Karo application is a new application coming to the Google Play Store and it is considered the best alternative to the Xender applica...
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Top 3 Signal Chat App Features - WhatsApp Alternative
Mohamed king 14 January 2021
After the emergence of many problems related to the WhatsApp messaging application in the recent period, especially with regard to updating ...
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new Ratio launcher that will change the look of the phone completely
Mohamed king 27 November 2020
Many  launcher applications  are available in the Google Play Store, each launcher has its own shape and has the additions that it adds to t...
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Sunshine Contacts app to manage phone contacts using artificial intelligence
Mohamed king 21 November 2020
Yahoo is back in the limelight, this time by launching a new application called Sunshine Contacts to manage contacts for iOS devices based ...
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Chrome for Android allows you to pay online with your fingerprint
Mohamed king 29 September 2020
Google Chrome for Android introduces online payment authentication using fingerprint and facial recognition. Rather than entering your credi...
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4 features available on IOS 14, liked by Android users
Mohamed king 27 September 2020
After the official announcement of the operating system of IOS 14, many lights that attracted the attention of iPhone users came to light, a...
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