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4 features available on IOS 14, liked by Android users
Mohamed king 27 September 2020
After the official announcement of the operating system of IOS 14, many lights that attracted the attention of iPhone users came to light, a...
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"Oppo" officially unveils its new watch. And these are its advantages.
Mohamed king 22 September 2020
Oppo has officially unveiled its second smartwatch, which it called Oppo Watch, months after the original release, which was launched in Chi...
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Play Store: here is the first application to reach 10 billion downloads
Mohamed king 17 September 2020
A first application available on the Google Play Store has reached 10 billion downloads. Unsurprisingly, this is Google Play Services, the d...
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3 impressive features of Android 11 recently unveiled
Mohamed king 31 July 2020
The Android 11 system is a copy available for download and installation, but what distinguishes it is the unique additions and improvements ...
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Important information about fast charging for iPhone and iPad devices
Mohamed king 30 July 2020
Phone users search for the most effective solution that enables them to decipher the problem of slow charging of the phone battery to find t...
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To convert your smartphone into a webcam you have to take a few tips to help you with that
Mohamed king 23 April 2020
A lot of providing online lessons or providing educational content, and this requires photography equipment that is good, but what may happe...
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Important illustration for Google applications on Huawei phones
Mohamed king 14 April 2020
Huawei is still making great progress in the field of smart phones, and indeed the strategy that it puts on the market as it provides custom...
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10 tips to keep your phone batteries as long as possible
Mohamed king 12 April 2020
Batteries are one of the basic components in any electronic device such as: computers, phones, smart computers, etc., and the problem of dam...
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Strong features you find on Android phones, and you will not find it on iPhone phones
Mohamed king 10 April 2020
What we know about Android devices is that they occupy the largest percentage in the world in terms of the number of users unlike devices su...
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How can you set up a Google Google account from an Android phone Step by Step
Mohamed king 30 March 2020
Many of us want to open a Google account, and that is for the advantages and offers that Google offers when opening the account, the method ...
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