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Program to edit a PDF file with great additional features
Mohamed king 30 July 2020
The Raqami Blog is also accustomed to providing you with programs of great benefit to each computer user, and this time we will highlight a ...
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learn more about the reading mode available on the edge browser
Mohamed king 01 July 2020
The Microsoft Edge browser now provides the user with many auxiliary functions while browsing, and one of the most useful functions that hel...
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Learn about applications available in the Windows Store, you will enjoy its experience, and it will surely save you a lot
Have you ever tried the Windows 10 App Store? Perhaps you have not previously. This is really due to the control of the phone, but it shou...
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Here are the most important steps to be able to stop annoying notifications on your Chrome browser
Pop-up notifications are very important because they bring you an alert of everything new, whether it is related to one of the sites you fol...
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How to choose the appropriate processor for your computer and according to your use!
Mohamed king 12 April 2020
Processor : It is the mind of the central device that performs algorithmic (mathematical) operations and data processing. As you know, dea...
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4 Chrome extensions will be of great use
Mohamed king 09 April 2020
It is not surprising that you find the Google chrome browser as one of the most popular browsers among users of computers or phones, and ind...
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Here are 6 additions of Microsoft Word to improve your productivity while editing
Mohamed king 08 April 2020
We often use the Word Office program from Microsoft to edit and amend texts, but all that we do unusually is just text editing, while the pr...
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How to delete blank rows in Microsoft Excel
Mohamed king 05 April 2020
You are using Microsoft Excel and encounter some blank fields. These fields may not look beautiful from the aesthetic point of view of the t...
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